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Interfinish Products

Alpha System (PDF 0.19Mb)

The Alpha System delivers a combination of glass and solid wall partition with the minimum joint width of 3 mm, giving the office cleans lines. The partition system is demountable and re-usable within the office area. The Alpha system can be refurbished to suit any remodelling that may be undertaken in an office over the years.

Micra System( Frameless Glazing)(PDF 0.21Mb)

Micra is our frameless glass system. The Micra delivers clean lines, in single glazed walls with a 4mm dry joint. The maximum achievable height is 3 metres, with a 37Db sound rating. The flexibility of the system lead to a variety of uses, from front of house, board rooms to sectioning of large open plan offices.

Omega System (PDF 0.16Mb)

The Omega System combines single or double glazed partitions with solid demountable walls. The Omega is quick to install and easily adapts to every office requirement. 47Db is achievable in solid wall construction. As with all our products Omega can be re-used for office alteration and its components can be refurbished to suit office remodelling over the years.

Sigma System (PDF 0.41Mb)

Sigma System also known as Bruynzeel MS3000 is a Steel partitions option. The System delivers single or double glazed partition which combines with solid partitions. The sigma solid wall system contains steel, laminate and vinal options as wall finishes. The system delivers 47Db ratings and heights of 3metres.